Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Walden Farms Pancake Syrup

Once again, forums have done me solid by awaring me of this gems existence. You can find it in the diabetic/specialty food section of most supermarkets and its runs for about $3.50 per bottle. Since discovering this I have ripped through multiple bottles, and have bee using it for oats, and french toast almost daily. 
Getting a solid picture of this was tough, but this shows the color alright, which is similar to real syrup.
The taste is quite authentic, especially for something that boasts 0 calories. A lot of other sugar free syrups are loaded with sugar alcohols which I avoid like the plague (and also carry calories), but this has none and is sweetened with splenda. You can detect a slight artificial taste if you taste it by itself, but when used to top dishes that traditionally have syrup on them, the taste is almost indistinguishable from the real deal. The texture is the one fall back however, as it is quite watery. This stuff really likes to slide right off whatever you pour it on and flood your plate. This is a very minor setback however, as I will gladly mop it up with my french toast/pancakes/waffles/ etc. (you get the idea)

Not much to be said about the nutrition facts. Zeroes across the board with a trace of sodium. In reality, if you were to drink the entire bottle there are probably like 20-30 calories, but when used in reasonable quantities its negligible and can be considered 0 cals. This is clearly the biggest selling point of this product and the fact that it tastes awesome is nothing short of incredible. This can save you a ton of calories and would make a great tool to a serious dieter. Or if you are like me and just like to have extra cals to play with, its definitely worth checking out. FYI they have a full line of products that are zero calories that I am slowly working my way though. So far this is the best of the bunch though.

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Sweet dude, thanks for reviewing. Every on is all about it and I haven't seen it in stores yet, though I hadn't though to check the sugar-free/health section.

    1. this one is deff worth checking out. The chocolate sauce is alright, carmel dip is passable and The BBQ sauce was like poison. Might do more detailed reviews on em, but the first 3 are worth trying (with pancake being a staple). stay away from bbq tho lol.

  2. Make a review on their Chocolate syrup. Personally, i can't go a day without it LOL

  3. Great to see this review. I'm a new diabetic [UK based] and trying to cut out all sugar wherever possible. So far the advice I've had is to focus on managing carbs so there's no spikes and avoid sugar as much as poss, but then every diabetic recipe book I get has sugar [cane, brown, caster] all through them! Not even suggesting fake sugars, just plain old fashioned sugar. Turns out there's not much encouragement to go sans sugar in the UK, whether you need to or not; no speciality section in supermarkets. I've had to start checking out the body building communities to see people talking about real NO sugar meal planning. Yours is the first personal review of Waldens I've seen, so thanks; I'm more likely to try it out for baking flapjacks or something.