Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Friendly's Graham Central Station

Described as "graham flavored dairy dessert with chocolate candy pieces and sweet graham swirl". Usually I'm not a huge fan of "dairy dessert" but this is an exception. Though it still has that very airy/light texture I usually despise, the flavor more than makes up for it. The ice cream base perfectly captures the graham cracker taste, and even leaves a grainy mouth feel as if you just bit into a real graham cracker. The chocolate pieces are pretty tasty and very plentiful, and provide a nice crunch. they are almost like "buncha crunch" if you remember those. The real treat of this flavor is the sweet graham swirl. Its extremely buttery and crumbly, but still holds up a nice crispness.This flavor blew my expectations out of the water, and gives me faith in friendlys brand ice cream (this was my first time trying their flavors). At only 1.99 for the half gallon this is an incredible value, and I highly recommend picking this up if you find it (it's "limited edition" so get on it).

I had 3 servings. It was enough to satisfy without getting to be overkill. I think 2-3 is the sweet spot with this flavor, more than 3 and it might become too sweet

Rating: 9/10

Serving size (67g)
Calories: 176
8g fat
24g carbs (16g sugar)
2g pro

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