Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Blue Bunny Birthday Party

Well as you can see, I'm a bit of an ice cream/junkfood addict and as I've proclaimed before, I love cake flavored ice cream. When I saw this half gallon on sale for $2.50 I just couldn't pass it up. I had high hopes after my great experience with their Red Velvet Cake flavor, and couldn't wait to dig in. The carton description reads: "white cake flavored ice cream with confetti shaped candy pieces and a blue frosting ribbon". My mouth was watering as I read that and I quickly scooped myself 2 servings.

The base "white cake" flavor is quite authentic, although it seems to lack that grainy/doughy texture some cake ice creams tend to have. It is very sweet; possibly too sweet for some, but for me it was quite enjoyable. The confetti candy pieces were fairly plentiful but didn't really add much to the flavor. They are similar to the large sprinkle things you would put on sugar cookies so they add little flavor/texture and just a bit of extra color. The blue ribbon swirl was absolutely delicious and reminded me of that cheap cotton candy flavored ice cream I was raised on. Unfortunately in my small bowl I didn't get much of the ribbon. I'm sure there will be a large network of it within the depths of this half gallon, however, and I will gladly excavate it! Again, this ribbon adds nothing in terms of texture and is extremely sweet. If you don't have a huge sweet tooth, I can see this being too much for you. The one thing this flavor really lacked in my opinion is any real cake pieces mixed in. Im not aware of any cake ice cream that incorporates sprinkles and cake pieces (please inform me if you are) and that could have brought this flavor to top tier. Unfortunately the lack of mix ins leaves you wanting and leaves it in the middle of the pack.

As far as nutrition facts go, they are decent on this flavor. Mid level in terms of fat, but A LOT of sugar. If you only care about calories though, this shouldn't be too hard to fit into any diet. My two serving bowl was quite enough to fulfill my ice cream craving and it only clocked in at 300 calories. This is a decent lighter choice if you are getting bored of the other options available and I could see this being really good for making your own sundaes. Then you can incorporate real mix-ins and  I believe this flavor will really shine. Overall I'm not upset I bought this at only $2.50 but most likely won't re-visit it any time soon. I think I'll stick with their red velvet cake flavor and keep exploring the other Duff Goldman offerings.

Rating: 6.8/10


  1. Easily in my top five flavors.

  2. Haha, I know this was like a year ago and you're probably well aware, but Breyers has their new Birthday Blast! that has sprinkles and cake pieces. But no frosting swirl and the sprinkles aren't nearly as good as these. :(