Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns

Ahh, yet another ice cream review. I didn't intend for this blog to become predominately about reviewing ice cream, but lately I've really been on a frozen treat kick. Couple that with the fact there have been weekly ice cream sales and my will power to pass up this gem was nonexistent. This flavor is described as  "caramel ice cream with cinnamon bun dough & a cinnamon streusel swirl." Believe it or not, I was not sold by the description initially and had passed this up many times, opting for "safer" flavors like Chocololate Chip Cookie Dough and Milk & Cookies. After reading countless stellar reviews on this flavor, however, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and picked up a pint.

Halfway down, AKA the point of no return

I rushed straight home and threw this bad boy in the freezer to harden up. The rest of the day I was anxiously awaiting my dessert and I almost caved to the temptation multiple times....My will held strong though and I was able to make it until after dinner. The pint was nice and frozen and as hard as a rock. That is the beauty of super premium ice creams like BnJ's. Due to their extreme density and milk fat content they freeze solid and remain frozen for the duration of your indulgence. None of that melting in 5 minutes, like some other brands...Anyway onto the review! The base flavor, caramel, is exquisite and immediately became my favorite base ice cream of all time. The cinnamon bun dough chunks are extremely prevalent and perfectly compliment the caramel ice cream. Their texture is perfect. they are somewhat doughy and despite being frozen in the depths of the super premium ice cream, remain soft and chewy. The cinnamon streusel swirl ties it all together with its sugary, cinnamon-y, gritty (in the best possible way) goodness. It is a snaking vein throughout the entire pint and you can be guaranteed to get all 3 elements of this flavor in every spoonful.
The nutrition facts on this flavor, however, are not the most friendly. Due to its high fat content and premium nature, the calories are obviously quite high. The mix-ins used also contribute to a large amount of carbs (most of which are sugar). The fact this is quite possibly the best/most addicting ice cream in existence won't help your cause if you are watching your calories. Good luck putting this away after a mere serving. More than likely you will end up killing at least half, and possibly the entire pint, in one sitting. For this reason, use extreme caution when eating ; )
Again, I can't say enough good things about this flavor. Since first trying it, I knew I had struck gold. I have probably killed 15+ pints of this by now, and almost always have one tucked away in my freezer for a "rainy day" (or any day for that matter). The texture, mouthfeel, flavor, and prevalent mix ins make this the seemingly perfect ice cream. I have yet to find something that dethrones it and I base all my ice cream reviews on this flavor. Pick this up ASAP.

Rating: 9.9/10

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  1. You had me at cinnamon bun dough chunks :-D I'm sooo trying out this flavor. Thank goodness there's plenty of Ben & Jerry's in Mexico city... I usually go for their Frozen Greek Yogurth but every now and then I'll indulge on their more fatty treats, if and only if I the calories are worth it. And in this case they obviously are... (drooling...)

  2. Wow, nice review. I am a ice cream fanatic and will definitely be trying this flavor. Might start mixing it into my sludge recipes? Anyways, good blog. Ill be stopping by on the reg to check it out. Trying to step my food game up.