Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Fage Total Greek Yogurt

Sorry for the hiatus everyone (anyone still reading? comment if you are!) I just moved into a new apartment and school just started back up. I've been extremely busy, so that means food I can take on the go or eat in a hurry has become a staple. Various yogurts have fit the bill perfectly so expect a slew of yogurt reviews in the near future...

Anyway onto the review. The first time I tried Greek yogurt last year, I was immediately hooked. I started off with the fat free pre flavored cups, but gradually worked my way into the unflavored offerings. I have tried most all brands (both flavored and unflavored) that are offered near me and in my opinion Fage is unmatched. Their 2% plain has become my go-to staple and has the perfect balance of tang and creaminess. I tend to mix in fruit, jam and/or pudding mix, and then eat as is, or top with cereal/granola (totally delicious BTW, give it a shot). I had long been on the lookout for the full fat offering however, to see if it was as decadent as I had imagined.

One dreary afternoon I decided to check out a local "health food" store, and low and behold there was Fage total in all its glory in the small fridge in the corner. I quickly scooped up the single serve cup despite the ridiculous price tag ($2.50) and rushed home to give it a shot. I had planned to mix in some strawberry jam, but luckily I decided to test it plain first. OH. MY. GOD. did I just crack into a thing of cream cheese? That is almost exactly what this reminded me of but a hair thinner, and a bit more creamy. This could be an awesome replacement in any dish calling for cream/whole milk/cream cheese etc. I immediately thought it could make a bomb mac and cheese or some kind of lasagna/baked ziti. It is certainly a unique flavor though and if you haven't become a greek yogurt aficionado you may very well be repulsed. For me, however, it was pure bliss and I quickly gobbled it up without mixing anything in (a first for me).

The downside of this delectable treat is that is is fairly high in fat and calories. It still packs a ton of protein, but not as much as the 2% or fat free, and has a whopping 10g fat in the small cup. For this reason (and the the price/ rare availability) This won't be a staple in my fridge, but rather a rare indulgence. If you come across this, however, I highly recommend giving it a shot, especially if you are already a fan of other greek yogurt offerings. For now, 2% Fage will remain my go-to yogurt, but again, if you want a treat or need yogurt to cook with, this is the yogurt to get.

Rating: 8.8/10


  1. Reading from Japan ;p

    1. wow thats really awesome! how did you find the blog btw? Are you american and moved there or native? Also, is any of the stuff I post readily available over there? I heard they opened a Ben N Jerry's scoop shop there so if you haven't checked it out yet, get on it!

  2. Haven't tried the full fat, but I know I'd love it. A favorite Greek yogurt of mine in Fage; I buy the 2% unflavored in a large tub at Costco. We have a brand in the Northwest, Greek Gods, that is heavenly. Of course, it's a full fat product that indulge in rarely. It took me years to get over the price tag of Greek yogurt; so happy I decided to buy some and give it a try.

  3. Oh yeah, its really tasty. Even without my standard mix-ins it was still a treat. 2% is the perfect medium though and also my go-to. You dont get the overwhelming tang of the fat free, and it doesn't have nearly as much fat as the whole milk variety but still has that great creamy taste. I think ive seen the greek gods brand before but never picked it up. Next time I hit the store Ill give it a shot if I see it, always down to try new stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I really love the low sugar low fat Fages; when I've forgotten to eat for that little bit too long some Fage, maybe with a tiny, almost invisible slither of Honey... amazing! One of the best snacks or breakfasts ever. Started putting hydrated chia seeds in now too, that works really well too since chia tastes of nothing but is good in loads of ways.