Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Rockstar Sugar free PerfectBerry

As I mentioned in my last Rockstar review, Ive recently become somewhat of an energy drink junkie, specifically low carb/sugarfree options. I picked this one up on a whim because I had never seen it before and it sounded different. Sure, the can is somewhat emasculating, but that cant deter me! 

As you can see, there isn't that much carbonation, especially when compared to its big brother Rockstar Zero Carb. Whether or not it is "perfectly carbonated" as the can states will be a personal preference, but to me I like more, rather than less. This lack of carbonation does lead to an extremely "smooth" drink though, which makes this one easy to slam down. The taste is really quite good as well. Its similar to the zero carb, but a little sweeter and has more of a berry taste. All in all, its very good and a nice change from standard energy drinks.

The "energy blend" is pretty standard here and contains all the usual suspects.It packed a decent punch, but didn't leave me overly "stimmed"...120mg of caffeine is kind of low for me, but I still felt a nice burst of energy and it was enough to get me through my workout. I prefer larger cans, due to a prolonged "beverage experience" as well as a larger dose of energy inducing compounds, but I think this drink is clearly aimed at the female market. Still, I will give this a thumbs up and would definitely buy it again if I run into it. If you want a nice change from the standard energy drink give this one a shot

Rating: 8/10

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