Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: Pumpkin Pie Pop-tarts

The words limited edition, combined with my newest obsession of pumpkin, made this one an easy decision to pick up. The fact I have been binging on pop tarts lately only fed the desire to sample all of their seasonal offering. 

I tore open the package and mustered up enough self control to only eat one of these (a mortal sin? possibly) I prefer my pop-tarts lightly toasted and the slightest bit above setting 1 is perfect for me. It leaves the pastry just golden brown and the filling perfectly warmed. There is probably no wrong way to eat a pop tart though, I've even heard of people freezing them (any of you guys try this? let me know in the comments if so). Anyway, as I took my first bite I was extremely underwhelmed. I suppose this is the case with most pop tarts, you are always expecting them to be much better than they truly are, and this was no different. The taste was slightly reminiscent to a crappy pumpkin pie, but really, it was just a generic sweetness that overwhelmed it. Now im wishing these came in a smaller pack, as the bulk of these will most likely collect dust in my cupboard until next fall. Dont get me wrong, they weren't "gross" or anything, but I can think of one hundred better ways to consume 200 calories. If I want a pop tart ill probably stick to Brown sugar cinnamon, confetti cupcake, or possibly a fruit flavored one. I think after being let down time and time again by these crazy flavors I have finally learned my lesson. Stick with the classic. 

These sadists at Kellogg's have the serving size as 1 pop-tart. How many people only eat just 1 (besides me)? Probably not many. If they were packaged in a resealable bag or just single wrapped this would make sense, but as it is now most people probably scarf down the two cookies in just a few bites. YIKES!

Rating: 6.5/10

these were just very "meh." Nothing special about them, wont buy again.

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