Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Nabisco Mallomars

I had never heard of these things until a few weeks ago. After some googling it seems they have somewhat of a cult following and they are only available seasonally starting in September. The legend goes that they cant be carried year round because the outer chocolate shell would melt during transportation in the warmer months. I think this is just a marketing scheme, but I digress.  Anyway it seems that supermarkets make a huge fuss the first week they are back. My local Shoprite had a 10 foot tower of these badboys in the front as well as smaller stacks at the end of seemingly every aisle...well I hate to admit it, but the marketing got to me and I tossed a box in my cart. The fact they were on sale for a mere $1.50 per box makes me less ashamed.

Upon arriving home I cracked the box open to see what all the hype was about. I snatched out a couple of these cookies and my first impression was how light they felt. I guess since the bulk of the volume is the marshmallow interior this makes sense, but it was still a bit odd. Oh well, I'll just have to eat more of these suckers to be satisfied! After watching this tutorial on how to eat Mallomars, I was ready to dive in.

The food blogger faux pas: bite shot.
I went ahead and broke the first rule of food blogging; Posting the bite shot. For this type of cookie I deemed it necessary so you could see the distinct layers. From the box picture I wasnt sure what exactly the base cookie was, but it turns out it is a graham like. So this is basically a cold, inside out smore. The outer chocolate layer has a nice snap to it and is somewhat of a dark variety if my pallet is correct. It's nothing special but for a cheap box of cookies its solid. The marshmallow is very soft, and lacks that sort of outer "skin" a regular marshmallow has. Taste wise its just like a standard 'mallow though. Lastly, the graham base is really lackluster in my opinion. It is very soft and has no crunch. When I have smores the nice snap of the graham cracker really brings it all together but with this you don't seem to get that. The flavor is there but I really which it was more of a cookie rather than what I would call pressed graham crumbs. 

For how un-filling these are, the calories are pretty high. To be fair, they are cookies and not some health food so you really cant expect much, but if you are looking for a decent snack expect to eat 6 or more of these. The calories definitely add up quickly with these. Overall these were really very average to me. I can see now why Nabisco has to come up with a gimmick to get these to sell, they aren't anything special! Anyway I will finish the box but will probably never buy them again. If I want a smore Ill go ahead and go for the real deal. As always guys, I appreciate any comments. Let me know if you are still reading and enjoying or if you have any products you would like to see reviewed!

Rating: 7/10


  1. where did you find them for $1.50 a box. My daughter asked me to look out for them. I only found them at one store at $4.99 for an 8 oz. carton.

  2. it was a promo at shoprite the first week they were back (2 weeks ago if I recall correctly). Now they are like 3.50 a box.