Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: Rockstar Zero Carb Energy Drink

Well, you may have noticed I haven't been keeping up on the blog as of late. School has been an absolute killer lately and I've had almost no free time. I finally have a bit today and figured I'd toss a new review up while I can. With my hectic schedule, and being in college in general, I often find myself exhausted and sleep deprived. Being that I'm not a fan of coffee, Ive become somewhat of an energy drink junkie. In particular I tend to opt for the sugar free or diet versions. They taste great, have almost no calories, and still give me a good boost. I ran into this particular product a few weeks ago at walmart and after cracking open my first can, I was hooked. I had previously been a Monster lo-carb and absolutely zero junkie, but this may become my new go-to.                                                                               
Its pink!!!!
Unlike most other energy drinks, which are usually some variant of a citrus flavor, this one is actually berry flavored. As expected it doesn't have that classic radioactive green color, but instead it's pink! The taste is delicious. It doesn't have much, if any of the chemical taste some artificial sweeteners impart which is always a plus and the flavor itself is awesome. very crisp and refreshing with a nice berry-ish flavor. It reminds me of Seagrams raspberry ginger-ale but with a way more intense flavor.

The supp. facts and "energy blend" are the real kicker for this drink. Zero carbs (as the name suggest) and only 10 cals per serving (there are 2 servings per can remember). I still don't know where the calories are coming from since there are no carbs. perhaps they are counting the cals from the amino acids? who knows, but regardless its only 20 cals for the can so its pretty much nothing. It seems to have all the usual suspects present in the "energy blend" like a slew of vitamin B variants, Yerba mate, Taurine, and of course, the most effective, Caffeine. a whopping 240mg's per can is considerably more than any other energy drink ive personally tried and you can feel it. After slamming my first can I felt some jitters and a total rush of energy. I had it before a workout and I had myself a great session. I was instantly sold. All in all this is a great drink and I would highly recommend it if you already drink energy supplements (don't start...its an addiction!). Its a great change of pace from the other energy drinks offered and its "energy blend" packs quite a wallop. 

Rating: 9/10

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