Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

I had always heard great things about this flavor, but always passed it up due to it's steep price tag. At my supermarket it's usually about 5 bucks for a pint, which is more than a half gallon of blue bunny! Well, last week while I was doing some grocery shopping, I stumbled upon the back freezer that houses the Talenti and other "premium" frozen treats and realized they were on sale. 2 pints for $6 (I also picked up tahitian Vanilla. will try to review as well) which is still a little more expensive than it's main competitors, but I decided to pull the trigger anyway...And boy am I glad I did! 

Im a huge fan of the salty/sweet combo, so I knew this was going to be a hit. I also had not had gelato since my trip to Italy about 10 years ago. Needless to say I didn't quite remember what distinguished it from regular ice cream. Well after some quick googling it seems like gelato has slightly less fat, and is also churned differently which doesn't allow nearly as much air into the mixture. This results in a denser product, and the lower fat changes the mouthfeel....Okay after that quick debriefing I was ready to jump right in. I dug my spoon into the pint and I immediately noted the difference in texture just from how the scooping felt. Ben&Jerry's has nearly broken my spoons from how hard it is to scoop, but this stuff was like butter in comparison. It scooped out so easily and cleanly and to my surprise, there were chocolate candies plentifully buried within the pint. I went ahead and took my first bite, which included one of these truffles, and OH.MY.GOD! Heaven in a pint. The saltiness is very very subtle, but perfectly contrasts the rich caramel flavor from the gelato. The base really coats your mouth in a foreign way and leaves the flavor lingering. Then the little truffles turned out to be carmel filled, almost like mini rolos. The combo is perfect. I cant think of a bad thing to say about this. I was in pure bliss while eating this, and savored every bite. I had to exercise extreme self control to not go and kill the rest of the pint. This may very well have dethroned BnJs cinnamon buns as my favorite frozen treat, which is a feat I never could have foreseen. The only change I could possibly think to make to this product is to maybe add a bit more salt. I really like the contrast, and like I mentioned it is very slight here. Still it will appeal to the masses with the current ratio, and I cant stress enough how great this was. Go buy this now.

Nutrition facts:
serving size: 105g
cals: 240
fat: 11g
carbs: 38g
pro: 4g

Rating: 9.9/10


  1. Damn, I never would have thought that this one would be so good! I might have to pick one up now.

    1. If you even moderately like rolos, you will love this.

  2. Yeah I seriously need to try this one soon. I did pick up the caramel cookie pint though so I'll be trying that one next. Oh and I just noticed we have the same kitchen scale aha.

    1. Interested on your take on that one. I have heard mixed reviews about it...also, never took you for the kind of person to weigh your food. Do you lift? I only ask because ive never met a non lifter who uses one. Hell, I didnt even have one/know about proper calorie counting until about 6 months ago.